With an art background, I came to the United States from South
America, 35 years ago. I began experimenting with various
forms of art. Then, twenty years ago, I discovered Silk Painting
and it immediately became my passion.

Mainly, I design and create jackets, wraps, scarves and flowing
wearables. Starting with white silk stretched tightly on a frame,
I hand paint each piece by using a combination of different
methods. Batik, watercolor, resist, salt, alcohol, shibori, are
some of the techniques I use. After the silk is dry and the color
has been steam-set for four hours, I design and sketch the style,
and my dressmaker sews it under my directions and

I am very excited with the Hand Painted Velvet addition to my
line. It is so luscious and the colors look so wonderful, very
elegant and beautiful. Mainly watercolor, clamp resist, (a form of
shibori) dye manipulation, over-painting and discharge methods
are used for the Silk Velvet pieces.